Skyscanner: Usability Evaluation & Site Redesign

For this 3rd Challenge, Ironhack decided to make us travel by jumping into the shoes of a world traveler. We’ll combine UX and UI design by testing the usability of a travel search engine.

Being critical about other sites and apps sharpens our designer eye. What works? What doesn’t? Why? Answering these questions, we can subsequently understand how to create the most usable design.

1. User Type

Presentation of my 4 users:

2. Specifics of the destination

3. Benchmarking

4. User test

Look and feel

Usability test

5. Insight

The flight search

Housing & Car Rental research

6. Redesign

Sketching and Prototyping

Flight info modal dialog
Unfolding flight journey

Try the prototype here:

What did I learn?

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