• Gax Bocky

    Gax Bocky

  • Clémence Gueidan

    Clémence Gueidan

    UX/UI designer, previous journalist and game designer. I like to tell stories and solve problems.

  • Socialmedia marketing | creator|blogger|Amit kumar

    Socialmedia marketing | creator|blogger|Amit kumar

    I am a Blogger, creator, Entrepreneur, Digital marketing, Socialmediamarketing on quora,LinkedIn,reddit,medium,Pintrest,instagram https://linktr.ee/amitkumar8

  • Kulikova Anna

    Kulikova Anna

    Hi! I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Paris.

  • Avi Estetikadiati K

    Avi Estetikadiati K

    Product (UX/UI) & Visual Designer ◦ aviestetika.com

  • Morgane Lecouffe

    Morgane Lecouffe

    UX/UI Designer, passionate about anything related to user experience, tourism and hotel industry.

  • Rosalie Godefroy

    Rosalie Godefroy

    In full reconversion to become a Product Manager, I previously worked as an Account Manager in Tech universes. Passionate about drawing, pony & hiking.

  • Kia Bürckert

    Kia Bürckert

    Junior UX/UI Designer who enjoys great food

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