In Latin etymology, addiction comes from addictus: “devoted to”. This term was attributed to slaves deprived of their freedom and independence. Today, cocaine addiction is still close to this definition.

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This is the question we tried to answer during 10 days, with a new UX/UI design project for the Wellness Institute. Our only constraint was to design a mobile app to support, improve or maintain people’s well-being. This app had to be an…

What if we chose one of the most popular music app to add a feature that nobody expects?

Ludwig van Beethoven portrait

Today, I will share with you my one week project which was “adding a feature on an existing application”.

For that, I chose Spotify because this application gives me exactly what I’m looking for: a great music experience. 🎵

But Spotify doesn’t give that nice experience to everyone.

As a UX designer, let’s talk about a complex subject that is omnipresent in all the news nowadays: public healthcare.

Photo by National Cancer Institute

We all know that technology can make life easier for people, even in the medical field. Who has never used Doctolib to book a consultation?
With this project, we want to go further and make access to public healthcare an easier and better experience.


How Might we transform the end-to-end experience of access to public healthcare?

We are a group of five…

For this 3rd Challenge, Ironhack decided to make us travel by jumping into the shoes of a world traveler. We’ll combine UX and UI design by testing the usability of a travel search engine.

Being critical about other sites and apps sharpens our designer eye. What works? What doesn’t? Why? Answering these questions, we can subsequently understand how to create the most usable design.

This is what we will try to do with Skyscanner site.
To achieve this, we’ll establish a traveler profile, a benchmark of travel agency comparator, a user test, an insight, and finally a redesign of the site’s wireframe. …

My previous article was related to Design Thinking in UX. Today, I share with you my second Ironhack challenge: Wireframing. Let’s learn how to use this essential step in any UI design process.

Everyone knows Shazam, the app that can identify music and movies, based on a short sample played and using the device’s microphone. It’s not without reason that Apple acquired this app for $400 million!

If Shazam is so popular, it’s certainly thanks to its ease of use and huge music…

This is the first challenge of my Ironhack UX/UI Design prework. Let’s discover what is a Design Thinking process.

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©Koivo, ” Vienna Subway” (

How to use Design Thinking to solve a problem encountered by many users? And more precisely, how to improve a transport application by researching users? This is what I will try to answer with this small exercise, the first step of my Ironhack Bootcamp.

The case study

Eloïse Merian

Product Designer @Foodchéri · Art Director/Graphic Designer background · · music & coconut lover

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